Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Here is some of my recent spinning and dyeing:

The green is some unbelievably soft Cormo wool purchased as roving from a grab bag I got on Ebay for $5. Considering there were also 2 ounces of multicolored silk roving and 4 ounces of baby blue merino in addition to the 8 ounces of Cormo, I got an incredible deal. The dye job is a little greener than I'd like, but it is still lovely and warm, and I am happy with my nearly-regular fingering weight spinning job. The wool was a bit neppy, which made spinning a constant single difficult, but things evened out with the plying.

The multicolored yarn is some self-striping blue-faced leicester, Navajo plied. Ick. Navajo plying is like eating jellybeans with toothpicks.

The blue is my Value Village thrift store sweater experiment, in which a baby pink extra-large cardigan made in Vietnam was ruthlessly unraveled, skeined, and simmered for an hour in a Wilton's cake-dye bath. It turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. I managed to unravel about 1200 yards intact, so that will be enough to make some kind of pullover or cardi. It's a nice lambswool-angora blend, too, which makes me happy.

In other news, here is the current pair of socks, being knitted on Bryspun 2's in KnitPicks' Simple Stripes, in the Crayons colorway.

And finally, the now-defunct lacy shrug, tonight ripped out to make way for a Shapely Tank knitted in Reynolds Saucy, which is worsted weight, not the sport weight called for by the pattern. So I'm kind of making it up as I go along. I'll keep you posted.


Blogger Jeana said...

Wow! I love the blue. Congrats on the freedom from school, too. I know it's been a nice lazy week at our house, too! =D

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