Friday, July 21, 2006

In Korea!

The flight was long. 12 hours. We crossed the interntional date line, so I woke up one morning on Tuesday and the next morning on Thursday. Or something like that. Anyway, we're here. There are 25 teachers in my group, all from the Seattle area. By the time this picture was taken on the bus, I had been up for far, far too long.

That's the Incheon Airport you can kind of see behind me. We rode on the bus for 2 hours to get to Yongin, a small, very new city surrounded by wooded hills. We stumbled into our room around 9 PM local time and fell into a stupor on the rock-hard Korean beds. Two days later, here is a picture of our room. I'm sharing with Christi, a fellow teacher and friend from high school.

Our room is pretty nice. Small, but sufficient. And we have our own bathroom and shower. The shower goes in 12-second spurts, and then you have to push the button again to get more water. It's hot, though. We're on the 7th floor of a 9-story dorm, one of two. This place is huge. We're on the campus of the Hanguk Academy of Foreign Studies, which is one of the most prestigious high schools in Korea. Here's the view of campus from the window of our room:

And here's the courtyard stretching out from the main entrance, graced by a few members of our group:

I'll be teaching English to the second-to-most-advanced level of kids, and the book I've been assigned is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Which reminds me that I need to get back to writing lesson plans. More pictures later!


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