Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I am weak

I re-dyed the mohair. It just wasn't BLUE enough. And I must have blue. This, of course, resulted in blue-dyed hands. They're pink, now, though, because I immediately thereafter dyed 8 oz. of tussah silk top red, purple, bronze, and blue. But that's for another post. Here's the mohair-BFL, in its new peacock-ey glory:

And it's already on the needles. I'm planning to enter it in the Evergreen State Fair under "handspun knitted items." Also going to the fair will be this:

Not in that state, though. It's already spun and plied, and having its twist set even as we speak. It's a tweedy fuchsia-pink-orange sport weight, the result of dyeing blended dark-brown and white batts those colors, then layering them and pulling them into a roving, a la Deb Menz. The wool itself is pretty awful. Coarse, sproingy, sticky, and full of neps. But the yarn didn't turn out all that bad for all that. I don't expect to win any awards for it, but it will provide a nice contrast to all those lovely, downy white merino yarns entered by other people.

And finally, Tivoli, blocking.

You'll note that I didn't say "Tivoli finished." I tried her on, and she's about two inches too long. So a'frogging I will go, then re-knit the bottom band, then voila, Tivoli, she shall be done. Oh, and Lily, in the lower corner? She's pulling out a blocking pin with her teeth.


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