Monday, August 08, 2005

Tivoli Progress

Thanks to some knitting time in the car on the way up to Boulder River yesterday, the end of Tivoli Tee is in sight. I can't tell you how happy I am with this pattern. I slipped half the stitches onto another circular this morning to try it on, and it fits very nicely, not too loose and not too tight. The yarn I'm using is fabulous, and the color looks good on me (If I do say so myself).

I've completed the first increase row after the waist, and I just need to complete about 6 more inches total to finish her to my preferred length. Then, I think I'll crochet around the edges for added stability and a bit of armpit coverage. Unlike many of the knitters attempting Tivoli, I have no difficulty at all with crochet, having learned it as a tot at my mother's and grandmother's knees. Indeed, while I've crocheted for about 16 years, I've only seriously knitted for 1 year. I prefer knitting for garments, though. It seems to have a more professional finish. Crochet, is, of course, the afghan method of choice.

Lily cares not for the knitting/ crochet debate. She would rather just lay in the sun.


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