Friday, August 26, 2005


There has been little knitting chez moi of late, as I am getting ready for school to start. Today, I finished my classroom set-up and preliminary planning, though, so I'm now dedicating my efforts to enhancing my school wardrobe. Last night I cut out the pieces for a new suit, Butterick 4620.

I can't wait to try this pattern in boucle, but I thought I'd better give it a trial run in less expensive fabric first. I had 4 yards of dollar-a-yard drapey plum suiting on hand, which I think will look nice with a bit of interfacing. I'm going to trim it all with some ruched tulle, for a (hopefully) fashionable look.

In preparation for this sewing odyssey, I've checked out every Threads the library had on hand and re-read all the articles on custom tailoring, particularly set-in sleeves. Sleeves, you see, are my downfall. I'm an indifferent sewer, at best. Long, straight hems are my best work. Anything that features the term "ease" is 100% guaranteed to give me fits. Princess seams, okay. A slightly curved hem, okay. Set-in sleeves....shudder. Progress pics to come, if I don't lose confidence and curl into a fetal position.


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