Thursday, July 28, 2005


Yes, in a freak reversal here at Blue-Dyed hands, there has been ACTUAL KNITTING going on. It all happened when we got internet access again, and I started being able to read my knitting blogs. You know Wendy, Claudia, Kristine, and Alison. They do so many incredible things.'s so hard to READ about knitting and not actually BE started a couple of projects.

Project #1: Tivoli T-shirt
A lovely, irresistable pattern in a variety of yarn weights and sizes. I may be late to the bandwagon, but I make up for it with sheer enthusiasm. I love this pattern. It is beautiful. I am hoping against hope it will fit my somewhat erratic proportions. Progress thus far in "Blue Bass" from E-bay's own Life's an Expedition seen below.

I'm 2 rows away from casting off the sleeves and casting on the underarms. Lily would like to eat it all.

Project #2: Lace scarf
Wendy's Summer of Lace has infected me to the point where I could no longer stand it. Yesterday, I spun 463 yards of Corriedale lace-weight singles:

After a nice hot-water-and-hair-conditioner bath, they were carefully blocked straight and wound into a center-pull ball on a Bic pen. Today, they have begun becoming a lace scarf in Barbara Walker's "Bleeding Hearts" lace pattern: I have completed 1.5 repeats.

And finally, Lily would like her own blog.


Blogger dj runnels said...

What a pleasure to see my yarn in your blog...from four years ago! I am surfing the net to see what people are saying about me (or perhaps making sure no one is complaining about me!) Just thought I'd say Hi. I transferred most of my yarn from eBay to Etsy and Artfire, where I sell as LifesAnExpedition. Happy knitting!!--dj runnels

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