Friday, October 28, 2005

Playing catch-up

First, spinning:

This, along with two other skeins, is 8 ounces of navy blue merino wool blended with white tussah silk I bought at the Puyallup Fair in September. I've finally spun it up to a light worsted-weight two ply, and now it's waiting for a project that needs 300 yards of slightly scratchy streaky navy blue yarn. Any ideas?

Next, sewing:

Purl of the Orient has got me hooked on sewing tote bags and purses recently, and this is but the first of my efforts.

Next, knitting:

The Crusoe socks, on one circular, with KnitPicks Dancing sock yarn. It's a fun pattern, and a fun way to knit socks. What more could I want?

Last, kitty:

Lily in her daily battle against the evil shade pull. Die, pull, die!


Blogger Anastacia said...

cute pictures! I love the socks, I've yet to use that KP's sock yarn.

2:12 PM  

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