Sunday, July 23, 2006

A trip to the Village

The town where the school is located is called Yong-in, and is about the same size as my hometown, Spanaway, WA. Several of us teachers took a trip down into the village just below the school.

There are some very large vegetable gardens on the way down. They're growing corn and tomatoes and melons.

Here's the sign to our school at the bottom of the hill.

We walked to a very small open market with about 15 stalls, one of which was selling fresh fish.

And we found a violin shop, where the owner was kind enough to let Christi play a Bach fugue on one of his violins.

Yesterday evening, the camp directors took us out to an authentic Korean barbecue. In front of the restaurant was an authentic shark pond with an authentic Korean pondkeeper.

We had a lot of fun.I got to cut up meat on a grate over glowing coals.

And everyone at our table was stuffed and happy.

I've done a bit of knitting here, which I will show you tomorow or the day after. I'm working on a water bottle cover with a strap so that I don't have to carry my water around in my hand all the time. I'm using Elann's Espirit in Rosetta. Pictures to come.


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