Monday, October 15, 2007

New project., new yarn

I've started a new project, of my own design, using Colourmart DK weight coned silk. I'm having to double-strand it, because there is no way that this is a true DK weight. More fingering, I'd say. That's Colourmart. Their laceweight is cobweb, and their four-ply is lace-weight, etc. Gorgeous yarn, though. The color I have is "Camel," a nice neutral. I'm making a top-down raglan lace blouse, meant to evoke 1930s England.

harriet 001

I'm almost down to where I can put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn.

I did a bit of stash enhancement over the weekend. Because I'm just sitting here, waiting to go to Brazil, I'm going through the yarn at a faster rate than usual. I ordered some Elann Pegasus in Sky Blue and some Elann Ramie/Cotton. The Pegasus will be combined with some Connemara I bought last year to become this, and the Ramie/Cotton will become this. I love the look of Berocco's Bling Bling, but I couldn't justify $140 for a short-sleeved sweater. $16 from Elann suits me just fine. I am, however, considering at-home means of getting gold onto the yarn. Fabric paint? Jones Tones foil?


Blogger Ilix said...

I suggest you head to a fabric or quilting store (or of course find one online if that is prefered) and buy some silver or gold thread. Then knit it with the yarn that you bought.... you will barely notice it and it will weave it's way in and out with you knitting. I bought a cone of a lightweight silver at a LYS once.... it worked out nicely. Hope you find a solution that works for you. :)

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