Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Internet, Unpacking, and the Half-Blood Prince

We finally have internet at the new place. A wireless network that I set up myself, to be exact. All my yarn is still buried in boxes, but I did pause in my unpacking long enough to read Harry Potter #6, which was, in my opinion, not that bad.

Now, I'm not what one would call a rabid Potter fan, but I have enjoyed the books immensely, and have made a habit of doing the whole Amazon pre-ordering thing so I can get the books the first day they're available without having to wait in line. Accordingly, after the wedding on Saturday, we tripped over to the mailbox and pulled out a lovely box of book. 4 reading-hours later and I was feeling mildly depressed, like every other member of the Potter-reading public.

I don't like sad books and I don't watch sad movies. I realize this makes me some kind of emotional cripple, but I would just rather get kicks than sniffles. Half-Blood Prince, thankfully, had enough swashbuckling to make up for the fact that Rowling has now murdered a sympathetic character in each of her last three books, but I'm somewhat apprehensive about Book 7. First Cedric, then Sirius, then (spoiler warning) Dumbledore, at this rate, both Ron and Hermione will have to die in Book 7 to keep up the pace. Maybe they'll commit shinju when they realize they're really first cousins or something.


Blogger Jacob said...

hey sis, Nice Blog, makes me want to get back in the swing with mine. Perhaps someyear I will. i still have to read potter but not alot of time to do that at present.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Jeana said...

Love the Ron and Hermione comment. =D Wireless internet connection!!! Lucky...(please hear Napolean Dynamite voice)

8:17 AM  

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