Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Opera Stole!

Opera Stole is done in all its silky goodness. As a handknit, this has everything. It is colorful, easy, and stylish.

To make your own Opera Stole, you need three skeins of Himalaya Recycled Silk and a set of size 11 needles.

Cast on 40 stitches, and work 3 rows of garter stitch.
Row 4: *K2tog, wrapping yarn 3 times around the needle* across, creating 20 elongated stitches.
Row 5: *K1, yo* across, slipping the extra wraps off the needle with every knit stitch. In the last stitch, K1 front and back. This brings your stitch count back to 40.

Repeat rows 1-5 until you reach the desired length, then bind off. Use the remaining yarn to create a fringe by cutting it into 10-inch lengths and tying the pieces in pairs along each end of the scarf using lark's head knots.

And voila, your Opera Stole is complete!


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