Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What a fool I was

I've thought a lot about how I could win my fame and fortune in the world of knit-blogging. Perhaps if I designed a drop-dead gorgeous sweater and offered the pattern for free on my blog. Perhaps if I kissed some sort of virtual blarney stone and became a scintillating knit-writer. Perhaps if I took knitting pictures of such surpassing loveliness that people would be drawn here like pilgrims to a sacred shrine.


I found out how to do it, and it was really easy.

All I had to do was express political opinions contrary to the herd. You know the herd. If you read me, you probably read them. But I'm not going to tell you how I differ from them. If you read between the lines, I'm pretty sure you can tell already, but I, unlike some people, know how to keep my mouth shut and have a knitblog for knitting's sake, not as a grandstand for my political beliefs.

Sigh. I really like knitters, too. But today, I am the most hated person in knitblogdom because I dared to express an opinion apart from the mainstream. And I was even polite about it, unlike those who chose to villify me.

Bleh. I don't care anymore.

But from now on, we here at Blue-dyed hands are all about diversity (other than, you know, the stuff about knitting). We will accept you and love you no matter who you are or what politics you like or what opinions you express. Let the world shun us, we will be different, and no one, no how, no where, is going to stop us. You can be different, too.

Lily triple-dares you.


Blogger Ann said...

Aw c'mon, whatdja say??? How bad could it have been??? Actually, I can imagine that a very simple, carefully put statement could bring down a firestorm of snarky rudeness. Very sorry you got dumped on.

8:31 AM  

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