Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama

I have jumped into the world of Ebay, against my natural inclinations, to see if some of my non-starters from will find better luck there. The inner workings of Two Waters Fiberworks are deep and unfathomable, are they not?

In much more exciting news, check out this weekend's find:

2400 yards of lace-weight lopi that my Uncle Dennis sent my grandmother from Iceland when he was stationed there 25 years ago. The label says that it is "The Original 'Alafoss Lopi Crystal-Fleece" produced in Iceland and mothproofed with "Eulan." Research reveals the same yarn being made by the same company today, under the name "Plotulopi." The company's art gallery is worth a look, in addition to the yarn.

I've made a swatch on both size 3 and size 5 needles, as you can see here:

This yarn calls for a really special project. It is sturdy and springy, with a slight hand-spun look to it. I've been searching for Icelandic lace patterns, but without much success. Any suggestions?

Zippy is coming along nicely. I have reached the point where I am increasing for the hips. I'm using raised bar increases, since they seem to complement the k2tog and ssk that I used for the shaping decreases above the waist. I'm really enjoying this KnitPicks Wool of the Andes. I wouldn't want to wear it against my skin, but it shows cables really well, and is a pleasure, though slightly dry, to knit.

At this time of the year, Lily wishes she was a longhair cat so her paws would be warmer.


Blogger kathy said...

Maybe you can knit Lily some booties to keep her paws warm.

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