Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The fruits of my labors

Knitpicks came! You can go see the fruits of my labors at the shop. Alison was kind enough to mention my 10% off deal for Sockapaloooza participants, so I'll offer it here, too. 10% off on any sock yarn to Sockapaloooza sock knitters, even if the yarn's just for you!

And now, the promised progress pics.

First, the Elann lacy cardi, sleeves done and now working toward the waist:

And Mariah! Threaded onto my yellow ribbon are a sleeve, the back, and the left front, awaiting the other sleeve and the right front before all can be joined for the yoke.

Sleeve cable detail:

Cable ribbing detail:

I'm finding that the directions for this pattern are not quite accurate. The sleeve length, in particular, is problematic. But I persevere.


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