Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Stash for Brazil

Lookee in the sidebar--a new shop widget! I am excited. Please, buy my yarn. I don't have anywhere to put it.

What I do have is lots of cotton and linen and silk to take with me to Brazil. I have spent the last three or four months building the Brazil stash, because Claudia told me to bring my yarn with me. Apparently, most of the yarn available in Brazil is acrylic, despite the fact that many of our natural fiber yarns in the States are manufactured there.

At last count, here's what's going to Brazil with us:

Elann Camila, Sage, 7 balls
Jaeger Trinity, Dull Pink, 5 balls
Jaeger Trinity, Flamenco, 5 balls
KnitPicks CotLin, Red, 7 balls
Elann Sonata, Blue, 8 balls
Queensland Cotolino, White, 10 balls
Elann Esprit, Brazil, 6 balls
Elann Connemara, Blue, 6 balls
Colourmart Silk, Camel, 2 cones

Not to mention the lace and sock yarn. So, you can see that I will be prepared.

By the way, Rosemary mentioned that I hadn't said anything about our new blog. You can find out about our Brazil adventures at TimAndLorraine.com, and I've also put a permanent link in the sidebar.

I think that I will keep this blog up, just for knitting-related blogging. Now that school's out, and the masters-degree-of-death is nearly complete, I should be able to get to this more often. I hope. No promises, though, if the last six months are any indication.


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